Monday, July 4, 2016

Vellutata di patate, zucchine e daikon con crostini

INC News, 04/07/2016

Involtini di daikon ricetta 5x5 Robysushi

INC News, 04/07/2016

Daikon in Padella con Verdure

INC News, 04/07/206

Melanzane arrostite

INC News, 04/07/2016 

Bavette al pesto, patate e fagiolini

INC News, 04/07/2016

Penne ai peperoni

INC News, 04/07/2016

Insalata di riso integrale

INC News, 04/07/2016

Spatzle panna e speck

INC News, 04/07/2016

Insalata di daikon e gamberi

INC News, 04/07/2016 

London Street Food at Greenwich Market

These are the foods you will see in the video:

00:00 Steaks and big roast with potatoes and rosemary and other herbs

01:02 wrap with pork shoulder, vegetables and onions

05:25 roman burger burger of meat or vegetables made with pressed ramen noodles

09:18 Spanish Paella

10:03 Scotch eggs. A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.

11:04 Chinese dim sum, noodles and fried rice

12:30 Indian food

13:50 cheese giant toast

14:15 Dutch Pancakes "poffertjes"

16:22 vegetarian cuisine

16:41 Italian pizza and Calzone

17:16 Italian "arancini" of fried rice with filling.

17:35 all kinds of Lasagne

18:00 roasted meat and cheese

18:44 Italian gnocchi dumplings

19:13 sweet pastries and cakes

INC News, 04/07/2016