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La vera grigliata argentina

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Marinatura per carne alla griglia (BBQ Marinade)

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Grigliata di carne al forno

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Frittelle di carne: la ricetta di cucinaconoi

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Baked Piroshki Recipe | Latvian Recipes | Сладкие Пирожки

Ingredients :1 cup of warm milk
1 tbsp of dry active yeast ( follow your yeast instructions)
1 tbsp of sour cream
50g or 4 tbsp of butter
3 tbsp or 25g sugar
1 egg 
pinch of salt
2.5 Cup OR 350 gr of plain flour

For the filling:
Melted butter

Step 1 : Add yeast into a bowl, then add sugar and add half of warm milk ( not hot or cold, but luke warm) and mix and leave aside for 10-15 min to activate.
Step 2 : Melt your butter and set aside. In a bowl, add your egg, melted butter, rest of the milk, flour, pinch of salt, yeast mixture, and sour cream. Mix it all together until its combined.
Step 3 : Kneed the dough by hand for 7-10 min or in a kitchen aid mixer until its nice and soft. 
Step 4 : Place a little bit of oil into a large bowl, coat your dough around so it can raise freely. 
Step 5 : Cover the dough with damp towel and leave to prove for 1 - 1.30 hours. 
Step 6 : Roll out the dough to get a 20x20cm squares.
Step 7 : Spread the surface with the butter and sugar.
Step 8 : Starting from one corner start to roll into a sausage shape and then curl at the end. Leave them to prove for another hour. 
Step 9 : Place them onto a baking sheet, brush them with some egg wash ( egg mixed with a little bit of water) and sprinkle more sugar on top. 
Step 9 : Bake them at 180 C/ 350 F for 12-15 min until golden. You will be able to smell them! Enjoy! 

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.

Пирожки -- универсальное русское блюдо, традиционно готовятся в духовке. Необыкновенно вкусные и простые в приготовлении пирожки. Нежнейшее тесто! Работать с ним легко и в удовольствие! Вкуснейшие пирожки на любой вкус! Люблю пирожки пышные, лeгкие на вес, гладкие и блестящие. 

Ингредиенты :
Для теста :
1 чашка теплого молока
1-2 столовые ложки сухих дрожжей 
1 столовая ложка сметаны
4 столовые ложки сливочного масла
3 столовые ложки сахара 
1 яйцо
щепотка соли
350 гр муки
Для начинки :
Растопленное масло

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Asian Shrimp and Noodle Salad

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