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Tagliolini al limone

INC News, 17/06/2016

Insalata tiepida di polpo e patate

INC News, 17/06/2016

Veal Marsala The original, classic, simple recipe from Marsala, Sicily

INC News, 17/06/2016 

Porcini Veal Escalopes - italian recipe

Hello and welcome at Cucina con noi. Today we will see how to prepare the veal escalopes with porcini mushrooms. For 4 portions we will use: 8 veal slices of about 75 gr each (the ideal meat cuts for this recipe are topside or rump), 400 gr of porcini, a branch of parsley, 2 garlic cloves, a spoonful of flour, a glass of broth, 40 gr of butter, salt, pepper and extravirgin olive oil. Let's begin slicing the mushrooms, which we will have cleaned before (removing the lower part and then using a brush and a wet towel). Instead of porcini we can also use other qualities of mushrooms, like Caesar's mushrooms or champignon mushrooms. After slicing the mushrooms and mincing the parsley, we start cutting the meat. We remove the external fat, trying to give the meat an oval shape. Then we slightly press them with the tenderizer. Now we can start cooking the meat: we put half of the butter in a pan and we add 2 spoonfuls of oil. Once the grease is hot, we place the meat, which we will have covered with flour. We let the meat sear and we turn them in order to cook them on both sides. When the scallops look golden, we remove them and go on cooking the rest of the meat in the same pan. Now we remove part of the oil and we add, in the same pan, the remaining butter, 2 spoonfuls of oil, the pressed garlic and we let sear a little, then we add the mushrooms. Once they have got soft, we remove the garlic, then we place the scallops in the pan . We let them absorb the flavours, then we add the broth. After a couple of minutes we sprinkle with the minced parsley, we switch off and serve the dish. If the sauce gets dry during the cooking, we add some more broth. If you like it, you can decorate the dish with some parsley leaves.

INC News, 17/06/2016

Roasted veal - Arrosto di vitello

Hello everybody from Sonia; today I will show you a classical italian dish, the roasted veal. For 4 portions, we need a piece of veal meat of about 1 kilo (first or second class); I suggest you to choose the rump, sirloin or round steak. Then,we need: 3 or 4 celery ribs, 2 carrots, an onion, a clove of garlic, a branch of rosemary, a branch of sagebrush, salt, pepper, extravirgin olive oil and a spoonful of potato flour. It is expedient to tie the meat so that it doesn't change shape while cooking. We start placing the meat on a cutting board, we run a twine under it and we make a knot on the length side. Then we roll up the twine around the meat, close to the knot. We make a slip-knot around our hand and we run it under the meat, then we pull in order to create the first ring. When we have made the last ring, we cut the twine and we close it with a knot. Now we dress the meat with salt and pepper and we rub it down so it can absorb the spices well, then we can cook it. After warming up a spoonful of oil in the pan, we brown the meat on all sides. In the meanwhile, we chop the vegetables, then we add them in the pan and we let them pan fry. Now we can add the unpeeled clove of garlic and the herbs. Then we switch off the stove and we transfer the meat and the vegetables in an oven pan. We go on cooking it in the oven at 180 Celsius degrees for about an hour or an hour and a half (depending on the meat size). After about 30 minutes we take the roasted veal from the oven, we cover it wit aluminium foil and we put it in the oven again, to finish its cooking. After 70 minutes of cooking in the oven the roasted veal is ready. We can check it with a probe (in this case, the temperature at the centre of the meat should be between 65 and 70 Celsius degrees) or by drilling the meat: if the liquid which pours out is clear, the meat is cooked. If the liquid is pink (because it contains traces of blood) it is better to continue cooking the meat for a while. Now, while keeping the meat warm, we prepare the sauce using the remainders of the cooking vegetables. We put them in a pan and we warm them up, adding a spoonful of hot water or broth. We let it simmer for a few minutes, adding salt and pepper, then we combine it with the potato flour (previously melted with a little of cold water). When the sauce is thick, we switch off the stove and filter it. Now we just have to slice the roasted veal and spread it with the hot sauce. We can serve the meat with roasted potatoes as a side dish. The roasted veal can be prepared in advance; in this case, you have to slice it, place it in an oven pan, spread it with the sauce and warm it up when you want to serve it.

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Spezzatino di vitello con patate

Lo spezzatino di vitello con patate è un secondo piatto molto completo, che fa parte della tradizione culinaria del nostro paese e che caratterizza le giornate invernali più fredde. Lo spezzatino di vitello con patate viene realizzato con dei tocchetti di carne di vitello, che vengono cotte in tegame insieme alle patate per un sapore finale molto ricco e corposo. Lo spezzatino di vitello con patate è un secondo piatto che solitamente piace proprio a tutti e che si accompagna molto bene con del pane o dei crostoni di pane da intingere nel suo sughetto. Vediamo, quindi, come preparare un perfetto spezzatino di vitello con patate.

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UN ALTRO MODO DI FARE IL : Vitello Tonnato

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Vitello Tonnato! A classic Italian “surf & turf” dish, originally from the Piemonte region in the North of Italy. This classic recipe combines the use of meat and seafood together perfectly! 
Today, I’m using the best and most succulent slices of veal meat I could find at my local butcher, and on top of it, we’re making the classic sauce with the best tuna from a tin! This dish is so easy, and you can even make it a day or two in advance, so the flavors will become even more intense. A great ‘antipasti’ or main course during summertime!

INC News, 17/068/2016

ONE OF THE HUNDREADS Tonnato Sauce Recipe - Cold Tuna Anchovy Sauce, Dip and Spread

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Involtini di carne: con ripieno di prosciutto e formaggio

Gli involtini di carne con prosciutto e scamorza (meat rolls recipe) sono uno dei tanti secondi piatti di carne, che si preparano in poco tempo. Si tratta di sottili fettine di carne di vitello sulle quali vengono sovrapposte una fettina di prosciutto e una fettina di scamorza che vengono poi arrotolate su se stesse e fermate con uno stecchino. Gli involtini si possono realizzare anche con carni diverse dal vitello, come maiale, tacchino, pollo e si possono farcire con salumi e formaggi di vario genere. Si preparano in poco tempo, e si cuociono solitamente con cotture rapide. La mia ricetta prevede una cottura al salto con olio, burro e vino bianco, ma sono buoni anche arrostiti su una piastra o griglia. Accompagnate gli involtini di carne con un buon contorno di verdure e servirete un piatto molto sostanzioso.

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The Alla's Friday recipe: Beef Tongue & Mushroom Salad Recipe | Салат с языком и грибами

Looking for a change? Today’s dish is a little outside the box and I love it! Try this delicious salad. It combines beef tongue, mushrooms, onion, gherkins and almonds. It takes time to prepare, but it's really worth the effort. I'm sure you will polish off the bowl in one sitting. Eating beef tongue is not for everyone, but I think you should definitely give this a try! 

Ingredients :

- 200 gr of beef tongue ( half a beef tongue)
Small onion
1 cup or 100 gr of mushrooms 
2-3 gherkins
1/2 cup or 100 gr of grated cheese
Mayonnaise and ketchup
Almonds for decoration

Step 1 : Boil your beef tongue - can watch a video here how to do it.
Step 2 : Cut your onions and mushrooms and fry them until golden and soft.
Step 3 : Grate your cheese and cut your gherkins with beef tongue into strips.
Step 4 : Mix everything together and add mayonnaise and ketchup. 
Step 5 : Layer the salad, add more mayonnaise on top and decorate with almonds. Enjoy! 

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.
На каждый праздник я стараюсь приготовить какое-нибудь блюдо из языка, уж очень мы его любим. Сегодня предлагаю вам простой, но очень вкусный салат из языка.

Ингредиенты :
200 гр говяжьего языка
100 гр грибов
2-3 соленыx огурцoв
100 гр тертого сыра
Майонеза и кетчупа
Миндаль для украшения

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