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Musk Melon Juice

Muskmelon juice is very good for health as it contain a lot of vital nutrients. It cools the body during summers and it is also good for health. Musk melon is low in calories, low in saturated fat and low in cholesterol. Try this healthy summer drink recipe and you’ll feel refreshing.

1. One Muskmelon, small to medium size.
2. A glass of water.
3. A piece of crushed jaggery.
4. Two cardamom pods.
5. Ice cubes.
6. Honey (for garnishing)
7. Sliced lemon (for garnishing) 


1. To juice out the Muskmelon, you need to pick a good one which is not discolored, dented, puffy or have soft spots.
2. Make sure you wash your muskmelon before using it.
3. Cut the melon lengthwise and use the tip of a spoon to gently remove the seeds out.
4. Peel the skin of the Muskmelon. Make them into pieces.
5. Put these pieces into the mixer.
6. Add crushed pieces of jaggery.
7. Add two cardamom pods.
8. Add 1 glass of cold water and blend the mixture.
9. Strain the juice into a bowl and serve the juice in a serving glass.
10. Add two ice cubes.
11. For garnishing, add a pinch of honey and stick the sliced lemon on top of the glass.
12. Enjoy the refreshing Muskmelon Juice!

Note - Muskmelon juice should be consumed within 15-20 minutes of extraction to prevent any oxidation and loss of nutrients.

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