Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blue cheese from England crowned world champion 2014

England has been crowned the big cheese at an international competition, beating French, Swiss and Dutch cheese makers with a soft blue. In the 26th edition of the World Cheese Awards, hosted by the BBC Good Food Show in London, a family of third-generation dairy farmers recently turned cheese makers beat nearly 2,600 cheeses with their Bath Blue. The blue-veined cheese is made with organic milk and ripened in traditional stone-built rooms for eight to 10 weeks. Other countries represented in the competition included New Zeeland, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. “Sometimes blue cheese can have a metallic flavor, and if it doesn't it can overloaded with salt, but this was perfectly balanced – a classic blue, flavors that develop slowly in your mouth,” said Canadian judge Louis Aird of the Bath Blue. Runners-up included a cheddar from Barbers Farmhouse Cheese makers, also from the UK, and Dinarski Sir -- a cheese made from both cow’s and goat’s milk -- by Croatian producer Sirana Gligora.

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